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Marina Boca Chica
David, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama, Central America

The Chiriqui Marine Center
Boca Chica, Panama, Central America
Latitude 812.5' N Longitude 8211.5' W

Boca Chica Marina came about through discussions with cruising sailors who arrived a Careening Cay Marina in Bocas del Toro.  Many of them came from US and Canadian west coast ports and had visited the western Pacific coast of Panama before transiting the canal.  Their comments inevitably concerned the lack of adequate facilities in this particular area. 

I spent one year exploring the western Pacific coast of Panama for suitable sites, from Punta Barrica to Las Lajas beach.  Only one location met the criteria of location, infrastructure, security and proximity to an important city (David).   It was considered remote back then, but I was planning for the future.

The location, which on the Island of Boca Brava, is in the heart of first-class sports fishing territory.  It also offered access to an international airport, transportation services , quality provisioning, major mechanical repair shops and other important services.  So, I purchased the property and began the lengthy process of planning and permitting.

We have big things in store for Marina Boca Chica.  Among the activities planned are:
Half and whole day sports fishing charters
Whale watching tours (Oct - Nov)
Diving charters
Island tours
Kayak rentals
Crewed and bareboat sailboat charters
Luxury accommodations

It has been 6 years since the search began.  Now, with the beginning of construction the dream is becoming a reality. 

Our determination to build a dock at Boca Chica led us to purchase and modify a barge for use in marine construction. The barge will be equipped with a pile driver and the other equipment required to install the pilings and floating docks. It will provide transportation of materials and equipment to the marina site.

The barge has now been modified, imported, flagged and permitted for marine transportation and construction in Panama. We now have our business lisence and insurance for that purpose. While we get the hammer and equipment purchased and installed for our dock construction we will begin offering marine transportation and construction services in the area of David (Chiriqui Province), Panama. (see CMC page)


The pilings for Phase I (Main Dock) have been delivered to the marina site along with the prototype floating dock section (pictured in the photos).

Please feel free visit this web page for up-to-date photos of the construction and fishing news from the area.  and don't forget to come by for a visit and to see what is growing on the site.



Marina Boca Chica
David, Chiriqui, Panama, Central America
Phone: (011) 507-6609-0852

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