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Marina Boca Chica
David, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama, Central America

The Chiriqui Marine Center
Boca Chica, Panama, Central America
Latitude 812.5' N Longitude 8211.5' W

Boca Chica Marina site Island view from Boca Brava


stairs from marina to bungalow
Stairs from Marina to Bungalow
Access to the road and Restaurant
temporary office building / future communal kitchen
Temporary Office Building
Future Communal Kitchen
bridge out to floating docks
Bridge out to Floating Docks
bridge and office
Bridge and Office
Bridge to floating docks Temporary Office Building
stairs to road
Stairs to Road
Bay View From Bungalow Terrace
Bay View From Bungalow Terrace
Bungalow From Lane
Bungalow From Lane
Bungalow From Patio End
Bungalow From Patio End
Patio Floor Tile
Patio Floor Tile
Pathway to Stairs
Pathway to Stairs

Proto-type dock section

Barge for marine transport and construction

Review this page often to see the construction progress we are making.

Marina Boca Chica
David, Chiriqui, Panama, Central America
Phone: (011) 507-6609-0852

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